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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Picture - The Walk

Hi Again,
I am posting  a new work, " The Walk", which is already purchased by a person in Michigan. "The Walk "will be part of a series - until I have exhausted my ideas on the topic of women in social and nurturing settings. I have reproductions of this work which is fresh off the press. This painting will be in the Blue Springs Art League Fine Arts Group Show in Blue Springs,Missouri held at Vesper Hall 400 NE Vesper The opening is March 26, 10- 5 pm which is followed by a private awards reception; the charge for the reception is $ 8.00 per person $ 15.00 per couple. The show is open free to the public Sunday, March 27, 2011 11-4 pm.

I will also be a part of a group show, The Robert E. Tindall Scholarship Show, at George Owens Nature Park 1623 Speck Road in Independence, Missouri. This show will run from March 7-25, 2011 from 9-5 Tuesday - Sunday. You can check out the Independence Art Association for more details on Robert Tindall, who left his collection to the Independence Art Association to be sold to benefit a scholarship for a talented Independence Art student wanting to major in art. Again,we  will be selling  giclees one of  Tindall's works, a newly discovered self portrait,  as the commemorative picture for 2011.  I am this year's show chairperson.


I Think that I Am Finally Here

I think after fooling around trying to start this blog that I am finally here. Google is saying that it does not exist- will see in a minute. I worked for ever on trying to get this up- I searched the Forum, the help, the many thousands of complaints, Firefox, CA, Google, cookies, cakes and pies--nothing- cleaned cache on all the site until I was blurry eyed  and finally at 4 am decided to post a question - where I found lots of folks with similar problems but not the same as mine.. See nothing on this site worked for me- NOTHING- I could not upload, download, or save- except for a tiny incomplete part of my profile on

I woke up this morning after church started --and after I did my morning meditation-and decided that I would try one more thing that I remembered that always  gives me a fit-- the firewall, except I have reloaded my op system- and downloaded a different version of CA, Computer Associates, inc which does not behave too well either.  Well, I think that I hit pay dirt-after really reading and fooling with CA for three hours- I figured how to make this load -- pics and everything. I was going to share this great piece of wisdom but at 4 am I don't remember which forum that I posted the question to.... downloads from your updates.. are creating most of the conflicts. no one bothers to tell you that you have to re-set several items  after the downloads on your computer.  Nine changes viola- pictures loaded, the blog took the information, except that Google does not recognize it yet--not at all-- but I read on a forum that it takes awhile for blogs to become active. Weird- since e-mail is active right away.  

I may have made one more error I tried AdSense-- and made a typo- They seem to want to reassign my e-mail- I think that I will just deal with the blog- for now to see  if it stays up and I can get one post on it!