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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yahoo Hacker address -IP from Australia Dec 3, 2013

This said, I will start with Yahoo -long story short- Close your Yahoo account! Sell your yahoo stock! Stop supporting a company that does not value you  and will not respond to you!!

I am an admittedly a lazy blogger.  I never saw the real value until now !!

 Thanks to the Aussie ,hacker at IP,  I have a new goal for 2014 to share all the really disturbing stuff that I found out from this hack.  This hacker has 80 IPS addresses all identified as high risk by McAfee and WebRoot. All are coming from Australia.  He writes English well, because that is his native language, and is pared with someone in Rotterdam, Netherlands where he maintains a drop box to collect all the money that he plans to steal from his scam.

I think artists and musicians are venerable to this kind of hack because they have fans and followers who care about them. I believe that he has carefully researched this and cherry picks which persons to send these e-mails. I think that he is on Facebook, and I think his name might be James E. Lynch, will explain this in another blog., so follow me.

December 3, 2013 will be remembered by me as the day that I. had to literally start over with all my virtual on line internet stuff. Changing my password did not work on this hack.  FYI, If they jack your contacts list and your folders - you are screwed and changing your password means nothing. Special thanks to all my friends who called me ABOUT the hack and started at 5:00 in the am and did so from around the world, across the US, Europe and Costa Rico. See I fit the  profile;  I  have a good following of caring people who are not all geeks !!

I have read numerous articles and talked to several IT people, web designers, web fixers, hackers etc.. after the compromise, hack, hijack, theft, invasion of my yahoo emails, and her more sophisticated sister, erleneflowers.artist@  and the step sisters,, and that this virtual rapist created December 3, 2013. I never had a hotmail account. I got  lots of advice and literally learned somethings that are worth sharing.

 I  had a quick and dirty reality lesson on what is not and who does not give a feather about your and the loss of your information  including our U. S  government people. I have not tried Missouri yet. Will let you  know how that goes. Personally, I would like .001 %of my income tax spent on finding hackers, prosecuting them and allowing the public to openly testify against them in court. You can balance this by subtracting my .001% from the subsidizing  of the oil industry who are making 400% profits, and do not need my .001%, anyway.

Yahoo is scrambling to try to keep their 4,000,000 business customers who were hacked. Their claim that these were only AT and T Business accounts. LIAR ! They have totally written off the other large hacks that were done at the end of November and the beginning of December which were broadcast nation wide on the news channels.  

Finding-  and FACT- you cannot talk to them !!! You cannot e-mail them about an invasion.  These sophisticated GEEKS return the answer to the hi jacked email.  How's that for stupid ?!  You cannot communicate with them if your account was hacked and their poor system allows the hacker to add information to your profile. The only thing that worked was removing the added e-mail, which was put back as a different email within hours.  None of the listed and laboriously google researched phone numbers work. If they answer, they will hang up the phone after, 10, " your call is very important to us, please hold an operator will be within you shortly", repeats the line goes dead and your are disengaged.  Tried it 5 times- FACT !!

Yahoo used to respond and that service had disappeared from their website that they are working so hard to make function like  windows 8.  This might be a pretty dumb decision too because most of their users are having problems with Windows 8. If you noticed, two days after launching Windows 8, the Geeks met to design Windows 8.1. When I am working on line, I do not need or want little colored blocks or a layout that looks like Windows 8 and tries to function like Bing.

Finding FACT- several  of the businesses with whom I had been doing business have no contact phone number and function like Yahoo- asking you to sign into a hijacked accounts and returning the response to the hijacked  accounts which will never reach you. . Will be blogging about them too !!
Stay tuned for the
-Next Blog  No Customer Care - Non Working  Phone Number at Yahoo.

I went by  Images Art Gallery in Overland Park, Kansas  7320 80th Street 913 232 7133  and this is still available in time for Christmas giving ! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Finding Time to Do It All !

Well, it is Sunday again ! Still have not gotten around to do everything on my " To Do List". I am glad to keep up with friends via blogger. Moon Stump, my artist friend from Indiana, really is developing her painting. Love her works !!

I did get to Augusta this year and stayed with a really nice family.  I only painted two days, but I really loved the break.

These were the efforts of my three days.