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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another New Try

It is raining today.  My computer or Computer Associates,CA,  my virus protection, is trying really hard not to allow me to finish my work. I am posting or will try to post the next in the Series Women Doing Everyday Things.  This picture is:  Life Continues... I am still trying to put this on my website, even after several frustrating adjustments with CA.

I had a really, really great day yesterday- I started with the 18th and Vine District- visited the Jazz Museum and worked my way all the way downtown. I visited  every gallery that was open in the Cross Roads Arts District in Kansas City, Missouri. Several old favorites are closed, and there are several new "art spaces" open. I would not classify some of these sites as  real galleries, although the KC Star lists them as galleries.

I had breakfast in Lee's Summit and had dinner in Westport in Kansas City, MO. I finished the evening by visiting the Silver Smith's Guild meeting at the Westport  Presbyterian Church.  I have been trying to make this  meeting since I moved to Missouri. They had a wonderful demonstration on fuse soldering argentinum silver. Plan to join if they continue to meet on third Fridays.  Seems to be a really nice group of artists.

I am really excited to announce that I will have a gallery show scheduled at the Vine Street Studio Gallery 2101 Vine Street  with Pat Jordan Associates in September, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Will be more blogging  about this as I get closer to the date and get more direction from Pat Jordan, a well known veteran gallery owner in Kansas City.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still Trying to figure this out- Here is "Pop"

I am still trying to figure out blogging and remember where to start blogging.

I am posting this picture of "Pop" which I sent to my family. Many of them said that they got the blog but not the-mail with this picture embedded into the information. So I am posting this here. I am only doing a limited number of reproductions of this original, and in one of my rare decisions, I am not selling this original unless it is to a family  member. One family member has agreed to purchased a giclee but wants it done on canvas.

This was done the week of the snow, and rain and ice and more snow here in the Kansas City area in 2011.  This is Pop.  I managed to catch the look that he could give that laughed at something that I would be trying so hard to justify.  This giclee does not do the picture justice.  I really like the finish that I put on this picture.  Now that I have posted it - I think that the color is really off. I am going back to my photographer have this re photographed because I do not like the scan and the effects it had on this picture. This is an acrylic with many layers of  mat glazing and has some texture from the paint. The scan picked up light reflections.

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