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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Way to Work

 Learning A New Way to Work

It seems nowadays I am learning all new technology whether I want to or not. I bought a new computer  Windows 8 version and an ipad. My favorite, Brother,  printer just passed into the land for dead printers. Now, I have a new Brother and another learning curve to climb.

 Today, I found out that my iPad would take voice dictation. Now, getting this new discovery to behave is a new problem. This is my blog for February using my new iPad dictation with some insert over ride..
We are expecting a lot of snow tonight. This is a great night to work on the computer as I have a lot of work to do that includes much writing. I have to design directions for a new format for the Artist for Life Project in which some of the members of The Light in the Other Room are participating. You might want to check this project out at these web addresses.

I need to write my blog; and I need to write my first newsletter for 2014. This is going to be challenging  and fun night. This is my entry into the project. It was featured in the Kansas City Star. 

 Yahoo Update..

 I am still in the process of correcting the hijack on my Yahoo account. I am still missing over 600 names. By the way, Yahoo finally admitted that they were hacked and many accounts were hijacked.  They claimed that this incident just happened this month when it actually happened in December 2013. I posted their shame to Facebook.

 My experiences with Yahoo were definitely unsatisfactory. All the phone numbers listed for assistance are not answered. I waited as long as two hours on the phone only to have the phone disconnect. I researched every phone number listed for Yahoo none of them led to the company help line or customer service. My absolute favorite was the one that said "your call is very important to us, please hang on we will be with you in a moment", after five after five repeats of this message the phone disconnected.

 Long story short, I never was connected with Yahoo at all. I emailed Yahoo at the suggested email given to the subscribers to change their email. The big trick is that you had to sign into your old email, first from which they sent the reset password message that promptly goes to the hacker, who promptly locked me out of my email.
 When I emailed Yahoo, I carefully explained that blah blah email was hijacked. I asked them to respond to the email that I listed or to the phone number listed as a back up. Yahoo has no effective way to deal with hijacked accounts. Yahoo has dropped the effective customer service accounts line once used to email for assistance.

As I have worked with this problem, I found that several companies use the same strange system the Yahoo does they only will communicate with your registered account so any information for reset is sent promptly to the hijacker or your hacker..
Did you know that Etsy uses the same insane approach ? There  is no way to contact these businesses by phone, and they will only respond to the registered email? I think that this is called a loop.
Finally got Yahoo to reply by email. I went to one of their sites that asked my opinion on great a job that they were doing. In other words, I tried a back door approach. I told this link my story. They responded and direct me back to one of the nonworking ,non responding phone numbers.  The circle is now complete.
Sell your Yahoo stock !!
 Progress Report    Zip, Nada